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Assemble a complete picture frame using just your thumb!

Just 2 Easy steps to make a corner. Takes less than a minute!

Order the size you need! 
Side lengths range from 4 to 40 inches, with 1 inch increments in between. To assemble a complete picture frame, order one kit for the width of the piece you are framing, and one kit for the height. If you are framing a 24 x 36 poster, order one 24 inch kit and one 36 inch kit for a complete picture frame kit. 

Quality American Made Hardwoods. 
Beautiful, Tight Corners!

After selecting the kit size you need for your frame, lay out the parts and begin assembly.
Insert Locking Key into the Channel, Insert about half way.
Turn the frame face up and set the key into the slot by pressing down with the heel of your hand.  Use a hard surface.
To hold your art in place, insert the back loading spring clips into the slots on the back of the frame. 
View above video for the step by step assembly process. It's EASY

Prices Start at $13
Plus Minimal Shipping Cost

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Do It Yourself Frame Kits - Finish Options

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