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Instructions on assembling the frame kit

Written Instructions on Frame Kit Assembly 
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1) Select the size of kits you need for the frame you want.
2) Lay out the parts- Short rails on the right side, long rails on the left side.
Two kits includes 4 locking keys & 6 “back loading springs clips.”
3) Place a small amount of wood glue on the 45 degree service, “NOT IN THE CHANNEL” where the key goes.
4) Insert the key about ½ way in the slot with your thumb and turn the ½ frame face up and set the key completely into the slot by pressing down with the heel of your hand on a hard service. Repeat the process creating 2 half’s of a frame. 
5) Turn the two ½ frames face down and insert the 2 remaining keys ½ way into the slot to complete the frame. Finish setting the remaining keys.
6) After the frame is completely assembled let the glue dry before you start inserting the Glass or Plexiglass into the frame and fit the object into the frame.
7) After you have inserted the art, take the black “back loading spring clips” and insert them into the slots in the back of frame. The clips will hold  which will hold the art in place. Place the hanger at the top of frame, and now it’s ready to hang in your home or office.
8) Compare solid American hardwood, compare our corners, BIG BONUS Back Loading spring clips means you DO NOT NEED ANY EQUIPMENT TO FIT THE FRAME & WE provide the HANGER.

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